We recently got funding from ERC under the Synergy grant DYNATRANS (co-PIs Thomas GREGOR, Institut Pasteur; Denis DUBOULE, College de France), to run from 2024 until 2030.

We are looking for postdocs with experience in data analysis, statistical inference, the application of inverse (e.g., maximum entropy, force inference, etc.) methods, polymer simulations, and computational modeling. This is promising  to be an exciting collaboration with experimental groups working at the forefront of gene regulation, biophysics, and epigenetic landscapes in gastruloids!

If interested, click here for the DYNATRANS postdoc call.

We are organizing a conference “Physics of Cell Fate Decisions” at ISTA, May 13-16 2024. If you are interested in this topic and looking for a postdoc, please consider applying and getting in touch with me and Thomas Gregor on site, we will both be there as co-organizers!

IST Fellows

The Institute is running an institutional fellowship scheme. I am open to hosting outstanding candidates whose research would collaboratively bridge our interests in information processing in biological systems with the work of other groups at ISTA.

PhD students

Currently, I am not actively looking for new PhD students. At ISTA, prospective students apply once a year, centrally, to the Institute Graduate School. Please check this page for details.


Currently, I am not looking to host any interns.